May-severe weather currently 2020: blood rain a-comin’! The weather phenomenon takes its course to Europe.

May-severe weather currently 2020: blood rain a-comin’! The weather phenomenon takes its course to Europe.

Huge quantities of Saharan dust are on the way to Europe. This means that some countries in the blood rain. What lies behind this and whether Germany is also affected, read here 5 Wege, Um Mit Nichtannahme Von Ihrem Geliebten Menschen – Leben Hack.

In accordance with the temperature fall, the weather situation in Europe changes for the weekend again. While High Quirinius 1 spreads gradually over Central Europe, in the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy), several low-pressure areas for severe weather with Thunderstorms, rain and squalls. Meteorologists are even predicting rain blood. Also South Germany could be affected .

Severe weather in may 2020 in Europe: Saharan dust turns rain blood red.

As the Barcelona Dust Center reports, brings strong Wind from North Africa on Thursday and Friday, large amounts of desert dust to Europe. As a result, the sky gets not only a milky, yellow-brownish coloring, but there is also the Chance of blood rain. The desert dust colors namely also the rain. Which sounds dangerous, but is completely harmless.

According to the model calculation of the red Sahara dust also reaches parts of southern Germany. Most of Italy, Greece and the Balkans, however, are affected.

“Let’s Dance” 2020: maximum number of points! Luca Hänni, all dance on the wall is out!

“Let’s Dance” 2020: maximum number of points! Luca Hänni, all dance on the wall – but IT is out!

The fifth series of the dance show “Let’s Dance” had also this week, emotional moments and performances – even though there is no audience. The Live Show brought, in spite of the Corona-challenges, good entertainment and distraction.

It’s Friday, 20.15 was back on RTL : The fifth episode of “Let’s Dance” offered to the audience in front of the TV every lot of emotion and good performances. Top performances were delivered by Lili Paul-Roncalli (21) and Luca Hänni (25). The lowest points of the Jury were Ulrike von der Groeben (62) and Sükrü Pehlivan (47).

An entertaining Show in spite of habituation needy circumstances.

“Let’s Dance” in 2020, defies Corona-crisis.

The Show also started this week without a round of applause. Meanwhile, the small audience was not composed of family members and friends in the hall. But it was not to happen – with applause “from the tin” was a little nudge.

Moderator Daniel wich HART (41) quipped: “I can hear you clapping still.” Has not been opened due to hygiene measures with a group dance, but Tango, slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep of the professional dancers was offered.

#letsdancemituns: Dancing with the Jury.

At the beginning of a call by the judges: The audience at home to join in. Joachim Llambi (55), Motsi Mabuse (38) and Jorge González (52) in front of dancing, what the viewers at home dancing and the movies should. The finished Video was posted on Instagram under the Hashtag #letsdance. During the audition Llambi Massimo Sinató (39) took the Mickey out of: “These steps can even Massimo.” The was able to laugh about it heartily .

The implementation looked like this:

Emotionally: The first dance number.

The first dance was a Viennese waltz, danced by the actor Tijan Njie (28) and Kathrin Menzinger (31). Njie joked about the origin of his dance partner: “the Viennese waltz with a Viennese woman can only be pleasant.” There was dancing to the dramatic ballad “Monsters” by James Blunt. During the training, was injured Njie on the shoulder, as a result, no samples were from the middle of the week.

Of it was note during his Performance but nothing to. Jorge González was enthusiastic: “What a great Opening.” Llambi criticized the flow of the dance. Was rewarded this performance with 24 points.

The second Pair of Model Loiza Lamers (25) with dance partner Andrzej Cibis (32). Last week, the two had to tremble in the red light, they, however, came in the next round. This time a Rumba to “Naked” by James Arthur on the Plan.

Passionately they danced the “dance of love”. The Jury bekrittelte the body stabilization. “There must be safer and more intensively worked,” says Joachim Llambi. Praise there was for the soft and feminine movements.

The Model got a total of 16 points.

Great development since Show 1: Laura Müller convinced the Jury.

Laura Müller (19) learned this week, the Charleston Christian Polanc (41). In the style of the 1920s, the Two danced to “Boyfriend” by Lou Bega (44). In front of pink and white balloons, the dance gave the couple everything but the body tension, there were only Positive by the judges, their steady improvement has been praised.

24 points was the Model.

She is the oldest contestant and gives a week, for everything: TV presenter Ulrike von der Groeben (62) with dance partner Valentin Lusin (33). The “hot, fire-blooded” Salsa was in a row of five off the sample week had been exhausting. To “Bajo la Tormenta” Sergio George’s Salsa Giants-notice of effort but nothing to. With fire in the Background danced von der Groeben with a lot of joy.

At the end there was a fast-paced position. “Well done,” says Mabuse impressed by the Fitness of the 62-Year-old. There was even a joint dance with Juror González: “It is important to enjoy it!” Llambi showed to be critical: “I feel like you don’t know what you are doing.” Sobering Jury-Voting: 13 points there were for the presenter.

A lot of feelings for Hänni, Sükrü with a “blockage in the head”

Contemporary stand this week for the singer Luca Hänni (25) with Christina air (30) on the program. The dance is as difficult and demanding, as is the Pronouncing of the Name for Hänni is. At the Performance, it was not the beautiful things in life. The singer split recently from his girlfriend.

Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” was the appropriate Soundtrack for the story of the two. “That was very expressive,” says González. Even the critical Llambi showed tame: “This is the first 10 from me in this season.” It is no Surprise that there were 30 out of 30 points for the Pair .

Presenter and Antiques expert, Sükrü Pehlivan (47) as of this week, with a Jive on the stage. During the Training, he complained during the trial week, that him to block his thoughts in his head. “Everything you do has to do with the heart,” says the Moderator. “Marble, stone and iron” by Drafi Deutscher, the musical Foundation was breaking down. The joy of the Dance, the 47-year-old showed in his face.

Entertainment factor: high. The comments of the Jurypults were not quite so positive, self-González held back. More than 11 points, it was not for this Jive. He and his dance partner, Alona Uehlin (30) remained further to the left and grinned just .

In all cases, entertaining.

It is the dance that he did not want to dance is the Tango for actors Martin Klempnow (46) and Marta Arndt (30). Falco’s “Tango The Night” is the Song of the number. With a sort of circus uniform of the Zombie make-up 46 dancing the-year-old solid.

The Jury attested to the Performance of good entertainment. But: “dancing is not the Strongest”, krittelte Llambi. 18 points for Klempnow.

It shows in the current season, you serious, but humorous side: Ilka Bessin (48). Together with Erich Klann (32) danced a Paso Doble to “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones. The samples remained ambitious. The red-and-black backdrop, the Bullring, the RTL-Studios, not helped with the mood, the dance performance was, however, the hoped-for Performance. “That was a March Through,” says Llambi, no Dancing in his eyes.

Mabuse looks Positive and increasing. “Criticism brings one to the front, you should not take the negative to heart,” summarizes Bessin their appearance. For them, it was 15 points.

Brilliant performance from Paul Roncalli, sound Moritz Hans.

It is considered one of the Top favorites: circus-artist Lili Paul-Roncalli (21). With a sophisticated choreography Paul-Roncalli with Massimo Sinató (39) went to the floor. They danced a Cha-Cha-Cha to “Promises” by Calvin Harris & Sam Smith.

Her radiance was brighter than the Neon lights around the dancing Couple. Jorge González, the Performance was praised “sexy”, for Mabuse “naughty” and Llambi, that she has dared to Dance a little. 28 points it gave to the jury.

A solid conclusion Moritz, Hans (23) and Renata Lusin (32) provided with a Rumba to “Love Someone” by Lukas Graham. The romantic dance was danced to the satisfaction of the Jury. Criticism there was for the little liquid Transitions and technical shortcomings. “You have the opportunity, and I want you to ausschöpfst you,” says Llambi. Nevertheless, the two solid were awarded 24 points for their performance .

One was missing.

John Kelly (52) was due to an illness in the family, not in the Live Show. He couldn’t show his Cha-Cha-Cha to “Give It Up” with dance partner, Regina, Luca (31). Via video message, the singer turned to his dance colleagues.

He’s sorry, and he will be happy next week to be.

Boys against girls.

As a replacement for the Live group Performance, the samples were shown. The Motto was: boys against girls . Quite a cliché, the girls as Ballerinas. Less excited about Ilka Bessin showed. Live was not danced, instead, in the training outfit in the Video.

Listened to the beginning of the “Swan lake”, and later Hop addition was mixed with Hip. Ilka Bessin wore it with a sense of Humor and provided laughs: “Sorry boys, Michael Jackson, anyone can!” Overall, there were for the girls Team, 6 points.

That was the Motto of the boys. These were dancers to Michael Jackson. Equipped with white Hats, they were already at the Training invincible.

In the Video, the male candidate was danced to “Smooth Criminal” similar to the real music videos. More points than the women’s: 8 points for the men.

Special measures, due to Coronavirus.

Also this week, there was no audience this time, however, 5 Dinge, die Nicht Tun, Wenn Sie sich Überwältigt Fühlen – Leben Hack a visit from family and friends. Instead, the candidates sat spread on the auditorium, instead of “Group hugs” in the Lounge above the dance floor. The group dances have been omitted, the safety distance was observed. This was also the case for the Jury. This sat is distributed over the entire console.

Daniel Hartwich mentioned in these measures at the beginning of the Show, also on the “Busselei” has been omitted. Thus, the Interviews with the families not disappear entirely, were shown to family members via a Stream on a Tablet of presenter Victoria Swarovski (26) the candidate .

Tremor had to be at the end of the Show Ulrike von der Groeben, Sükrü Pehlivan and Loiza Lamers, according to the public vote Loiza Lamers had to leave definitively the Show .

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Escalation or de-escalation? : What is the meaning of Iran’s attack on U.S. positions.

Retaliation with notice. What might be the consequences of Tehran’s attack on US positions in Iraq? An analysis in questions and answers.

As a hit by the Iranian missiles in the neighboring country of Iraq, were in Tehran, not only the military planners awake, but also the diplomats. On the air base Al-Asad, West of Baghdad, and on to a base in Erbil, in the North of the country, went in the night to Wednesday In a 15-storeys – a retaliatory strike against the, there is US troops after the assassination of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, last week.

Shortly after the attack, Iran’s reported foreign Minister Javad Zarif to speak: Iran and the United States is even now, was his message. Tehran clearly wanted to preserve with a spectacular action against the United States in the face, without risking a war with the super power. The question now is whether Donald Trump dispenses with a counter-attack .

Remained open, first, whether the death of 176 people criminal crash of a Ukrainian transport at the city of Tehran with the Iranian-American confrontation was.

To assess How are Iran’s attacks ?

Washington’s first reported no American soldiers were killed or injured. US military have long observed Iranian launchers by satellite and were able to send their troops in a timely manner in shelters. Also, Iraqi soldiers at the vertices were not damage as Baghdad; the Director for had been informed of Tehran shortly before the attacks .

Zarif underlined that the Islamic Republic wants to do nothing more ,

open atone. The appropriate measures for self-defense were completed, wrote the chief diplomat on Twitter. “We do not want an escalation or war.” Iran will defend himself however, if he was going to be attacked .

Unlike the Sarif pc, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the hard-liners. Fits the revolution leader presented the missile attacks as a humiliation for the Americans to do. The United States had received a “slap in the face,” he said. To the Americans out of the Middle East, not a single military action but .

The following state television reported in the 80’s “American terrorists” were also killed, furthermore the Iranian missiles would be modern, S-war device set as the helicopter is out of action. The report was apparently intended primarily as a propaganda message for the domestic audience, because there was no evidence that the United States suffered actually so heavy losses .

Experts values the approach of the Iranians as an attempt of de-escalation. The rocket attacks were meant to be now, especially as a symbolic retribution, and less as an attempt to harm. Tehran’s offer to Trump, in a sense, a “highway exit” to the Conflict open to defuse, comments Tobias Schneider, of the think-tank GPPI in Berlin on Twitter.

What options are open to respond to Trump to ?

“All is well!” So trump was points first reaction to the inventory of the damage to the military base. Prior to that, he had gathered with his National security Cabinet in the Situation Room of the White house to discuss the attacks and the possible answers. For a while it was called on Tuesday evening (local time) that Trump would turn from the Oval Office, out to his people .

But the President had finally tweeted instead, and then announced a response for the next Morning. Until then, the reading was also in Washington, that the nightly attacks from the point of view of the regime had to be in Tehran, so this could save face. But they weren’t as bad as the USA would now need to escalate themselves further. The abduction of so far, nothing is about American victims, even if Iran claims other .

Also, it said on Wednesday that Tehran in his attacks on the two bases, apparently with the intention of not to the most popular places to specifically have. In the direction of the ca for me, increasingly convinced that Tehran had merely want a message have send, reported the US channel CNN.

It is now important, whether or not it was actually in the announced retaliation, or whether more will follow, possibly from the militias, the fits of the Iran supports. US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, had declared on Tuesday russkaja, that the President “would react in a similar way as in the last week,” should meet the Iranians again with a “bad choice” .

With voltage was now expected, whether at the Trump answered the question of why Washington sends to once again thousands of soldiers in the Middle East. To be more precise: What is the goal of American foreign policy in this Region?

Wants to claimed Trump, how he, the abduction of always been, the world-wide American involvement shut down, “endless” wars stop, and soldiers bring home? Or he wants to start new wars? Not only is the American Public is waiting for answers.

How dangerous Iran’s are rockets?

Missiles are the main weapons of the Iranians, who have due to the Western sanctions, no modern air force. The maintenance options are here few years, the Material, the limited, and often outdated. The operational readiness of the combat aircraft is generally regarded as bad. Why is the story of the Islamic Republic intensified on his missile program. Iran has several Hundred Short – and medium-range missiles at American bases anywhere in the Middle East and U.S. allies as Israel and Saudi-Arabia can meet .

With the attacks in the night, Iran has remained at the lower threshold of its possibilities, said Advisor to the leader of the revolution Khamenei as the state-run television. A hundred more targets for Iranian attacks were as a precautionary measure, been selected .

Iran’s armed forces have a minister for european Million by the men at arms, including about 125,000 soldiers of the revolutionary guards, to defend the elite unit of the Islamic Republic. One of the military Strengths of the Garden what a fleet of heavily armed speed boats, and the U-boats, which are used for the disruption of tanker traffic in the Persian Gulf or attacks on U.S. warships could.

Iraq is now the battlefield between the USA and Iran?

Itself if Iranians and Americans attacks upon the missile, the spiral of violence and counter-violence can stop, this is likely just a pause for breath and its. Your Conflict, you would not have thus russkaja long ago. Trump wants the the Iran, the economic sanctions open wide concessions in the nuclear issue and open at the end of the aggressive policy in the Middle East force.

By contrast, Tehran seeks the withdrawal of CSR from the Region and attends to the Sunni leadership of Saudi Arabia and Israel in the crosshairs.

In General Ismail Qaani, successor Soleimanis as chief of the foreign countries, the Iranian revolutionary guards, troops probably come will continue to rely on Iranian allies as the Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen or the Shia militias in Iraq to achieve these goals .

Iraq is the most likely field of battle, because the roughly 5,000 American soldiers are facing in the in the Land of the some 150,000 pro-Iranian militiamen. Iraq’s directing is too weak to prevent this confrontation. Baghdad needs the for U.S. troops as a shield against a Comeback of the “Islamic state”. In addition, Baghdad received in the past few years, billions of dollars in American financial aid.

The influence of Iran, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, however, is grown so strong that Tehran plays a major role in the formation of the government in Baghdad. General Soleimani switched and presided in Iraq as Iran’s messenger. According to media reports, he led internal meetings of the Iraqi security authorities on the presidency and gave the hard line in the brutal suppression of the protests against the Iraqi Director hf – hundreds of people were killed.

The demonstrations of the past weeks and months, directed against corruption, nepotism, poverty and the high unemployment of many Iraqis – but people complain more and more about the great influence of Iran, is as a protection of the Shia power .

Especially Sunnis feel sidelined and harassed. Should peel off in the United States its soldiers from Iraq, should Iraq’s sectarian, political and social cleavage deepen again. These could rip the state in the end .

Exactly this constellation could help the “Islamic state” to a return. After the end of the “Caliphate” are gone, many of the jihadists in the underground and always have committed back attacks, especially in Iraq. The-death-of-DINING-chief-Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – an elite unit of the U.S. army had him liquidated by the end of October – has not changed anything. On The Contrary,.

The “Islamic state” benefited from the Chaos in the Region, to take advantage of the resentment of many Sunnis for his purposes, to win followers for the “Holy war”. This benefit IS also likely that the military prosecution pressure decreases may .

More on the topic of.

Iran’s air strikes in Iraq As the Trump to be the face can be true .

For two reasons, which are interrelated. For one thing, the USA killed with’s revolutionary guard corps, a fit the most powerful enemies of the “Islamic state”. The Iranian General was taking the lead on it, to expel the jihadists from Iraq and Syria. And now, it is not excluded that the United States withdraw its troops from Iraq. The would mean: One less enemy for the IC.